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ADO has recently upgraded its e-bikes from regular to more advanced Plus versions. As the name suggests, the Plus versions are built with better materials and have higher production quality. Here are some of the most important manufacturing differences between regular ADO e-bikes and their advanced ‘+’ counterparts. 

1. Better Waterproofing 

Waterproof components in an e-bike allow it to withstand exposure to water better than non-waterproof bikes. While the regular ADO e-bikes were sufficiently water-resistant, the Plus versions are even better.

The wires of the motor as well as the top units are all waterproof in Plus versions whereas, in regular ADO e-bikes, they weren’t. This not only improves user experience but also makes back-end maintenance easy and efficient.

2. Tighter, Anti-Rust Screws 

ADO has gone out of its way to make sure its Plus e-bikes have the sturdiest assemblies. For instance, the disc brake screws of the Plus e-bikes are put in place with glue and air-drill methods. This prevents screws from loosening over time and ensures enhanced braking. Furthermore, all the screws used in ADO+ bikes go through a special anti-rust process.

3. Increased Safety & Protection

In addition to waterproof components and tighter screws, ADO+ e-bikes are designed to increase road safety. The regular versions are built with normal nuts and don’t feature taillights or reflectors. On the other hand, the Plus versions have anti-slip nuts, coded keys, electric taillights, and reflectors both on the front and back wheels. The Plus versions also have EVA foam protection to keep the battery safe during bumpy rides. 

4. Better Performance & Strength

The Plus versions come with front fork protection pads and front fork isolation plank. The fork components are lubricated to smoothen front-end rotation and deliver a seamless performance. The new foot support, as well as crank mounting, are stronger and less fragile than before. 

5. Better Controller 

The electronic controller of an e-bike is in charge of how much pedal assist is provided to the rider, among other important tasks. Due to this, having a proper controller is crucial for a natural riding experience. The Plus versions take the lead here as well, thanks to ADO’s new dual-mode controller!

For instance, ADO A20 comes with the Universal Hybrid Control System which combines digital logic design and classical systems. The A20+ however, features ADO’s very own G-Drive control solution with gear automation. It offers excellent real-time performance and responds seamlessly to user input.

6. Better Packaging

Another key benefit of getting a ADO+ e-bike is that they have much better packaging. Unlike regular versions, the Plus e-bikes are packaged in robust cartons of 440 grams. This special packaging protects the e-bike from getting damaged while in transit. 

While regular ADO e-bikes were already known for being sturdy, reliable, and durable, the Plus versions – with their superior construction and amazing feature enhancements – have taken things up a notch…well, way up the notch!



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